Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Cannonwalls and Mural Direct?

We made an awesome decision to combine the great pop culture artists/illustrators from Cannonwalls with the brilliant designers/photographers from Mural Direct and create the ulitmate commision site. The benefits for our artist are two fold now, you get double the audience and double the inspiration.

So...what is JP London Design?

JP London Design is the one and only place you’ll find amazing Photography, Fine Art, Parody Illustration for peel and stick posters, peel and stick murals and canvas art for dorms, restaurants, bedrooms, name it, we got it at unbeatable prices from the world's greatest artists.  All prices in USD.

How does it work?

Simple. Just register and upload your designs. build your store, claim your name!

How do artists get on the main page?

All artists get their work featured on the main page at least for a brief period of time once their art/image has been approved. The main page items are always changing. The more diligent you are in uploading designs the better your chances of always being featured on the main page.

Who designs your wall art anyway?

Only the best of the best artist from all over the world are approved in our mural gallery. If you have what it takes and we like you, you’re in! Doesn’t matter if you got one design or thousands..everyone has a chance.

Can anyone submit a design?

Absolutely, you may be a hidden gem in the competitive world of design! In most cases, we find you but sometimes its really hard to weed through all the jokers out there.

Does the artist get paid? How?

Of course. We are nothing without its devoted artists and fans and we know it, so we let you choose. All artists set their own commission for each product type and design. If you feel your want to charge more for a particular design you can do that or if you feel all designs should have the same commission, you can do that too!

What do you print on?

We print our Posters and Murals on the greatest substrate in wall decor on the market; Peel & Stick vinyl. It’s the easiest material you’ll ever use to decorate your wall. Simply peel the protective backing and stick on a clean surface. Adheres to most surfaces, including dorm walls, drywall, RV panels, old school retro wood paneling, drywall, metal, smooth wood, plastic,...and can easily be removed and re-adjusted with no globby residue. Use it again and again! Our posters have an 18.5" X 24.5" print area, we add a 1.25" white border should you want to frame it rather than stick it!

Our Murals come in easy to install 18" numbered panels. 7 panels for Landscape or 4 panels for Portrait.

Our canvas is a heavy-weight 2" thick.  This ain't the fake stuff.  We use real pine wood framing, uv protect all art and coat it so it stands the test of time.  Gallery wrap style so all you need to do is find a nail and hang that baby.  It's the only thing faster than peel and stick...!  Wrapped with transport in mind, our biodegradable corner protectors help ensure your art gets to you exactly as it was intended...perfect with all packaging fully recyclable.

Can I use my mural for outdoor use?

No, although durable, all of our items are intended for indoor use only.  Experimenting?  Drop us a line to discuss our experience with laquers, lamination, secondary enhancements (bedazzle it!?)...we know our stuff and can help.

Do you sell pre-pasted?

Yes, we can produce on pre-pasted paper however this would be considered a custom job, and why would you? Peel and stick is the fastest, easiest install on the planet so we have no plans to add this unless special order for resellers and retailers.  Contact us for bulk orders and distribution opportunites.

Do you make custom sizes?

Yes, we produce custom sized murals and posters!  We charge a custom rate of $5/sq.ft with a minimum of $200.00 for custom murals.  Contact us if you're interested in something off the wall.  For our canvas, we can go as large as 54" (137cm) x 54" (137cm).  Framing options available.  If we can't do it, we'll know how it can be done so ask away.  Happy to help in any way.

What is your return policy?

We have a 30 day return policy from the time of purchase for all items. Item must be returned unopened, uncut, unused. No returns on custom sizes. Please contact us for a return authorization number.

What is your exchange policy?

No exchanges unless your item has been damaged.

What happens if my item is damaged?

We will gladly exchange your item, there is however a 30 day exchange period after receipt of item. Please contact us for an exchange authorization number.

Do you ship to my country?

We ship everywhere.  If your country isn't listed, drop us a line and we'll explore why not.  There are some countries that have been blacklisted by Paypal for repeated/high fraud risk.  We can always check it out for you to help.

How long does it take to get it?

Please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery from the time of purchase for North America and 4-12 weeks for the rest of the world.  To more accurately assess transit time, drop us a line.

FREE Shipping to where?

Yes, we have Free Shipping for orders over $120 to anywhere in the contiguous USA states and Canada minus Nunavut, Territories and Newfoundland.

Do I have to do colour separations and prep the file like I do with T-shirts?

No way. We use the latest digital technology and organically pigmented inks so no need to do any colour separations or avoid gradients, shadows or other effects. If you can make it, we can print it so let your imagination run wild with no limitation.

Why wasn't my art approved?

In most cases, there may be some technical aspects which may hold your art from going live, such as resolution quality, copyright restrictions, profanity, nudity etc.. see our full list of rules and regulations under our artist terms and conditions. For the most part, we try to leave the solid artists alone to give the world their best!

How long does it take for my art to go live?

From the inital upload thumbnail for consideration, it can take anywhere from 1 day to 1 week for our gremlins here to run through the approval process and get your artwork up.  There's a ton of submissions and we literally go through every single one.  Luckily it's tons of fun!  Auto emails detailing the steps and process follow so you don't need to keep checking.  We'll email you, just ensure you use an active email address with your profile setup.  You can amend your address at any time, from your profile page.

I have a question that’s not listed, how can I contact you?

Simple. Just fill out the contact us form and we will get back to asap. We love hearing from our customers and partners!  We also welcome new business.  If you have a cool idea or proposal or whatever, feel free to hit us up.  We're kinda' normal.