Why did we built this site?

We found that many sites out there were over saturated, printing on a plethora of products and never really focused on getting art on what really works best, Wall Art!

We focus mainly on Posters, Canvas and Removable Wall Murals, cause its what we do best, maybe even in the world! ;) or Canada anyway! We've been making it for the big box stores for years now, but we realized that there is a lot more amazing art out there than just beach scenes and forest, so we now focused on giving the world more Pop Culture, Abstract, Street Art, Fantasy etc. (have a look at our catagories) cause it 's what we love and what we know.

Here we are building a community where the world's best artists known and unknown to mankind can showcase their work and get paid by producing their designs on our Wall Art products. Artists can submit their designs and build their own Wall Art store. Artists retain all the rights to their work. Or, if you are like us, you can just browse and discover and buy something unique by the best, from the best, for the best.

We'd love for you to join J.P. London and let us help you get your name out there. We are heavily commited to showcasing new designs and artists and do so we feature new Art on our homepage on a regular basis. As you upload your work everyon will get their moment in the "sun".

And hey even if you're not a designer, register, cause we have lots of great giveaways every week and plan on doing more. Also with registration you can take part in our forums and "Talk Hard" comments so you can talk directly to the artists themselves to let them know how their art touches your heart.

What it all boils down too is doing something we love and there is no greater satisfaction than watching amazing, unique designs being printed, processed and getting it into the hands of those that love it as much as we do. Cheers all!

Dave, Jay & Ray

We believe in the power of great art!

Morgan Freeman